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Energy Element is boutique consulting company based in Krakow and specialized in BPO/SSC sector. Our 10+ years of hands-on experience nicely merged with creativity and analytical approach allows us to provide our clients with tailored services meeting and exceeding all expectations.


We are happy to support you in commencing, developing and improving your operations!
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Jarosław Sęk
Project Management

Project Management

From local tool implementation to full scale global transition, for projects of all types and scales one of key success factors is proper organization of activities to ensure efficiency in resource usage, smooth execution and meeting all project deliverables.

We deliver successful projects with our unique EFFS workframe focusing on:

  • Engagement  – using resources at right stage and time maximizing efficiency and minimizing resource waiting time, keep stakeholders and project team properly informed and motivated
  • Focus – close supervision of project execution with constant monitoring of actions versus given goals to ensure all activities deliver value to desired result
  • Flexibility – proactive preparation of project variants to address key risks, anticipate changes in project environment and active identification and resolution for bottlenecks and showstoppers
  • Structure – creating basis for the project with roadmap and toolset known to all stakeholders, understand project dependencies to allow immediate and effective reaction to changing environment
Greenfield Projects

Greenfield Projects

For years Krakow is recognized as top location in Europe for investing in BPO/SSC sector. With over ten years of experience with the sector and the city, we accumulated solid knowledge and excellent understanding of the market. Working in different roles within the sector, related to almost all areas of running services business gave us also extraordinary insight into operations from numerous points of view. Such package of knowledge and skills allows us to effectively support greenfield start-ups in BPO/SSC sector. 

To prepare your organization for commencing operations in Krakow we offer:

  • conducting process due diligence to assess potential for using shared services
  • creating and managing roadmap and project plan
  • advising on communication plan
  • facilitating choice of location from country/city analysis to contracting the office
  • preparing directive organizational chart and related recruitment plan
  • interim management and representation incl. creation of legal entity
Delivery Excellence

Delivery Excellence

Constant changes in technology and best practices force every company to continuously optimize own processes and organization of work. To help you keep your organization on top of all changes we use our accumulated knowledge, creativity, open approach to new trends and analytical skills. As a result, we are able to recommend solutions that not only meet industry standards but also go beyond, giving you competitive advantage in processes delivered by shared service teams.

To boost your Delivery Excellence initiatives we offer:

  • end-to-end process reviews
  • process maturity assessments
  • process documentation quality checks
  • technology gap analyses
  • identification and removal of bottlenecks
Recruitment programs

Recruitment programs

Providing services, especially in business-to-business relationship requires skilled and well-organized teams. To achieve this goal on challenging labor market at acceptable cost company needs to fully understand own needs, pay attention to the market and think through teams’ structure. Our understanding of Krakow market and long experience in managing various teams and hiring for different roles allow us to support you in maximizing efficiency of human capital. We add value to planning, organizing and conducting you recruitment activities to significantly improve results.

To support your recruitment process we offer:

  • creating maps of skills in organization
  • identification of knowledge/skills gap
  • preparation of recruitment plans according to Balanced Team principle
  • managing specialized open programs for entry level candidates
  • preparation of tests and business cases for candidates on various levels
  • creating comprehensive descriptions of job roles
Employee Engagement Programs

Employee Engagement Programs

Great team should not be taken for granted, especially on open and challenging labor market with employees free to seek new jobs not only locally but across Europe or even globally. To retain and motivate top talents company needs to to understand changing generations and sources of motivation and proactively address them with relevant actions.

To drive employee engagement in your organization we offer:

  • conducting internal, independent VOC analyses with data-driven recommendations
  • creating company-specific development schemes incl. recommendations of development activities
  • analyzing service delivery structure and scope to identify and describe internal career paths
  • recommending creative team-building activities
  • support employer branding activities
  • preparing gamification events tailored to specified goals
Interim Management

Interim Management

BPO/SSC sector is all about long-term contracts. However, sometimes business environment happens to move faster than expected and requires adequate, agile response. Peak periods, rapidly growing teams, personal emergencies or specific delivery phases may require significantly more management time and skill than regular service delivery. The solution for such needs is short-term contract with goal-oriented contractor who is able to commence work and get up to speed in almost no time.

To ease the pressure on managers during high seasons we offer:

  • managing teams mobilized for short-term contracts
  • management support in preparation, transition and post go-live phases
  • backfilling for maternity/paternity
  • ad hoc technical, organizational and management advisory and coaching

Case studies

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Global Transition Project
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Boosting innovation ideas

Innovation Support Program
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Focusing on goals

Performance Management Implementation
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Looking for potential

Recruitment Programs
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Improving control over processes

Process Documentation Update
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