Boutique company ensures quick decisions and full flexibility, which we mix with great efficiency in operations and use of smart technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions with excellent client experience both for Recruiters and Candidates.
Thanks to our unique candidate engagement programs most of our candidates have not yet been involved in BPO/SSC recruitments, hence we deliver totally fresh pool of candidates, greatly improving opportunities of choice.
We entirely specialize in recruitments for BPO/SSC industry, mostly Krakow-based. Such approach drives full focus both on specific candidates' profiles and also on excellence in addressing needs of such candidates.
With over a decade of experience in BPO/SSC sector on various positions our team is fully capable of understanding specific needs of the industry. We may also share with candidate personal experience of the sector and job roles.


Commencing operations

1 May 2014

We started as consulting company. In next years we delivered several projects of various scale and complexity in BPO/SSC area, covering areas of project management, employee engagement, process documentation management, management reporting and vendor relationship for companies/offices in Krakow.

Starting recruitments

31 December 2014

During 2014 the company decided to get engaged in recruitment operations which has been confirmed with entry to state registry. During next months Energy Element started preparations for opening candidate engagement programs with a focus on BPO/SSC sector needs.


1 January 2016

Information portal PracawKrakowie.com is launched by Energy Element to provide public information about BPO/SSC sector in Krakow. Energy Element follows the launch with number of visits to job fairs and also dedicated open meetings in various Polish cities to promote the sector and offer of the company.


20 March 2017

Automated scheduling tool is offered by Energy Element to eliminate a need for confirming availability of attendees of job interviews. Integration with individual calendars that clients normally use allows immediate reconciliation of availability and presenting it to candidate in form of list of available time-slots. Implementation of the tool release at least 90% of time spent by recruiters on scheduling.


  • info@energyelement.pl
  • www.energyelement.pl
  • Szlak 77/222
    31-153 Kraków, Poland


Energy Element is boutique recruitment and consulting agency specialized in BPO/SSC industry, registered in National Registry of Recruitment Agencies under number 11537. Our practitioners have over 10 years of hands-on experience in leading companies of the industry in various operational and support roles. Based in Krakow - the best location for BPO/SSC industry in Europe according to independent rankings, we are happy to support you in commencing, developing and improving your operations!